NYC Inner Healing & Psychotherapy

offers a unique approach to healing by combining psychotherapeutic methods with ancient wisdom interventions.

•  Therapy for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups

•  Serving the NYC Metro Area

•  Accepting Cigna

•  Out-of-Network Provider

•  Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation

•  Virtual Video Sessions Available

"The spiritual dimension of our well being and our psyche has often been dismissed or neglected by more traditional treatments and theories. In many conditions, even in depression, there is an experience of soul loss and a diminished sense of personal power. Often in situations where there was trauma in our history, parts of us become split off or become fragmented and our task is to retrieve and reclaim parts of ourselves to achieve wholeness and harmony in our lives. The spiritual and etheric body plays a substantial role in this healing process which I am well equipped to do in a grounded and integrated fashion for my clients."

- Nancy Adlman, LCSW

•  Shamanic Healing
•  Soul Retrieval
•  Shamanic Journey Work
•  Chakra Rebalancing and Realignment
•  Shamanic Apprenticeship Training

•  Addiction Recovery
•  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

•  Couples Counseling
•  Conflict Resolution
•  Tools for Healthy Relationships

•  LGBTQ Issues

•  Anxiety and Depression
•  Intensive Trauma Work
•  Grief Counseling

•  Stress Management and Reduction
•  Mindfulness Training
•  Meditation Techniques

•  Self-Actualization
•  Empowerment Coaching
•  Awakening Your Own Voice

•  Organizational Consulting/Mentoring
•  Professional Supervision
•  Life Coaching

NYC Inner Healing & Psychotherapy
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