"From my very first meeting with Nancy, I knew I had arrived at a place of healing and hope. I felt an immediate connection to her because of her empathy, compassion, and deep desire to understand and relate to my experiences, desires, and goals. I struggle with a debilitating chronic condition, and losing so much of my life to fight for my health took an immense toll on my psyche. She showed a deep and caring interest, and has inspired me in so many ways: she helped me with the body-mind-spirit connection and in finding peace, happiness, and hope for the future; she helped nourish my soul and heal my relationship with both myself and others; and she guided me and helped me find additional resources for my physical condition when things seemed unmanageable and I felt I was in over my head. She's more than a psychologist. She's become my mentor and life coach. Her personality, dedication, and devotion are an amazing gift and talent, and her therapeutic techniques (not to mention her vast arsenal of knowledge and resources) are invaluable in supporting the healing process. There is no way to convey just how much she helped me, and how blessed I am to have her in my life."

"After my husband's suicide, my children and I fell apart. It was because of Nancy's guidance and personal interest that we found our way to a life where the three of us are thriving. Nancy has a keen ability to not only get you past your struggles, but she helps you shape a better life for yourself. Nancy is far from the typical psychotherapist; her approach is unique, impactful, and transformational. She also has an extraordinary way of connecting with her patients. You will see her as way more than a therapist. She will feel like part of your family."

"I had been through some difficult times including the deaths of my husband and mother, and I had never really addressed how the grief was affecting me. When issues with challenging colleagues at work intensified, I found myself unable to cope with it all and vulnerable, fearful and anxious. With Nancy's help, I was able to work through all of these issues, and emerged peaceful, confident and able, again, to experience joy in my life. I will be forever grateful for her insight and help."

"Nancy helped us each day to grow and love each other with more understanding of communication, love, and compromise. She truly enlightened our lives by providing us with the tools and a positive direction in creating a solid foundation for our relationship. We are very grateful for all her work in making our marriage a success."

"After years of traditional psychotherapy, an emptiness remained that I could not fill. My work with Nancy has had a powerful effect on my life. Expressive Empowerment techniques helped me overcome depression and move through a series of life changes with strength, confidence, and once-elusive joy."

"Nancy has been the steady presence for me through a deep process of healing toward wholeness. She had the skills to guide me through facing my core wounds and help me feel safe and supported to stay the course and continue at each step of the journey, even when it felt uncomfortable and difficult."

"I owe my physical, mental, and spiritual health in large part to my work with Nancy. I came to her in a state of suffering and emotional turmoil and left more whole."

"Expressive Empowerment therapy and coaching has helped me resolve issues that were extremely challenging and get my life back!"

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