Writings by Nancy Adlman

Greenland Tales

Every time the stillness and peace

I feel filling my body and soul like I was a starving person in Greenland...

If only I could be like Rasmussen

In this urban psychic landscape

and become Inuit

Then I could truly survive the harshness of our current 21 st century challenges and the inner landscape which keeps breaking my spirit

Oh the longing for plenty of seal, caribou, community and light seeping through darkness and a tiny flower I see popping in the wind of gold colored grass

Oh the yearning for that open heart which inhales with utter tranquility and exhales with connection to all the earth.



The haunting call of morning dove calling me to awaken and lulling me back into dream time

She would not let up.

I visualized her in my third eye and heard a thump on top of my air conditioner right outside the window where I was trying to sleep

I pulled open the blind and saw a tail up in the air and she turned around full body and looked at me...how bold she was to look into my eyes so close

Morning dove suddenly flew back across the yard behind the building perched once more on the wire.

Like a good shaman, I opened my book on animal totems:

Doves signal Feminine energies; Energies of Peace; Maternity, and Prophecy.

"Because of its association with many goddesses, it was considered the embodiment of the maternal instinct."

The mournful song was considered an invocation by Pueblo Indians to water , waterholes and springs and where they could be found. "The song of the dove speaks to all who hear it. Its mournful tones stir the emotions, the internal waters."

Out of its song, it invites new life. "No matter what life conditions , new waters and new life are still possible".

The Earth is the feminine; creation and new birth is available to all of us upon it.

The song of this spirit totem tells us to mourn what has passed , but awaken to the promise of the future. Thank you Great Mother for sending Morning Dove to me today at dawn to bring me the gift of its teaching and as a reminder in the midst of my mourning and letting go that my life and heart can awaken to new life and creation once again!




Shamanism is the most ancient of humankind's spiritual, medical, and psychological disciplines. It has existed in many cultures and on all continents as a way of connecting with states of non-ordinary reality for the purpose of gaining specific information and enhancing personal power. Disciplines such as meditation or yoga may be powerful, but they may require weeks or months of practice to induce significant effects. This is not so for Shamanism. Though true mastery may require years, some people often with no prior training may walk into a workshop or healing session and within minutes of listening to drumming or rattling attain meaningful insights and feel profound shifts in their energy.

Techniques, such as the Shamanic journey, enable one to obtain wisdom, knowledge, and release of old patterns and attachments that no longer serve you. Through the Shaman's direct connection with the worlds of myth and dream, the Shamanic practitioner's body acts as a vessel of neon light to bring in to the individual participant and group the type of healing that is needed. In the dream state, the client may meet a power animal, or an archetype, or a spiritual guide who will facilitate transformation for the client. Or a client may experience a re-balancing of blocks in the charka system which promotes a boost to the immune system and an enhanced sense of wholeness and well-being. Every person's entrance into the Shamanic realm is unique and each experience is never the same. One thing is certain: this ancient and powerful form of healing is life-changing. You will never be the same.


Prairie Dreams

I dreamed the feel of the landscape
Waving golden fields and clay dirt
Beneath my feet.
I dreamed the wind
Keeping time with the gate
By the barn.
I held visions of barns, drawn with pastels
With big colorful silos,
Drawn with the expression
Of a child's hand;
Primitive and dancing under
The cloudless blue vista.

The fire of the prairie
Lived inside on me for as long
As I can recall.
The vastness, the openess,
The unpredictability,
The joy and sorrow of the prairie
Igniting my soul.

We all have an inner lanscape which calls to us.
A geography and map we may not recognize
On a conscious level.
But something inside resonates
And pulls us -- closer...
And if we dare to stay open,
The grasslands collide with another
In perfect definition,
The ghosts of buffalo roam
And the heart of the prairie fire
Lights the sky crimson and gold.


Travels With My Urban Shaman

Shamans have traveled through your bones for centuries...
Rooted, grounded that's what we all want, right?
The Yoga teacher demonstrates "Tree Pose"
Balance    Balance    Balance
The Tree of Life.
They speak to us
They are alive
The Shaman hugs the tree with her
Belly, heart, and third eye,
Initiation exercise, prayer stick from White birch
The branches of ecstatic connection
Waving and speaking to us in the Wind.
Why don't we listen?
The power and sacredness of your presence
Spirit will always speak through you.
What will it take for us to finally listen?
Embrace us!
Take us deep into your Mystery!
Teach us to be like you,
Ho, Great Spirit, Ho!

When You Receive a Diagnosis of MBC

When you receive a diagnosis of MBC, you might find yourself simply sitting in a chair, unable to move. You might feel depressed, shocked, and immobilized by the overwhelming emotions that flood you. Or, you might feel angry and want to fight with every fiber of your being.

There is no right or wrong way to react or respond to news such as a MBC diagnosis. There are no shoulds and should nots. No rules. Everyone is unique. Each woman's journey is very personal. At the same time, there are familiar threads binding each person's experiences together. These create a foundation that we can use to help guide you through this difficult journey.

  • Reach out for support from like-minded, compassionate, and loving friends and family members. Also, find others who have been or are on a similar journey. Sharing your issues, concerns, and feelings with women who understand what you are going through can be enormously comforting. Your journey is uniquely yours, yet it is still a journey shared by approximately 175,000 other women in the US who are currently living with MBC.
  • Bring someone else to appointments with you to help you process and integrate information, and who will write down all your questions in order to make truly informed decisions about your doctors, your medical team, and all your treatment options.
  • Knowledge is power. Fully understand your options for treatment. Know that you can seek other opinions whenever you wish. You do not have to make decisions all at once. You need to feel confident and trusting about your choices.
  • Stay connected or reconnect to things you cherish. Nature, music, art, writing, walking, yoga, prayer, meditation, guided imagery are all gentle healers. Which ones do you enjoy?
  • Visualize your intentions as you move through this challenging time and never give up, even in dark moments. You'll find that in an hour or the next day something can radically shift.
At the heart of your treatment is the team surrounding you. Think of this team as a healing medicine wheel of care and support that you create for yourself. You are your own inner wise woman. Your body and soul have an intuitive wisdom and inner knowing. You can activate the healer and inner warrior inside. You can surround yourself with a blanket of imagery for healing, strength, assistance, discernment, support, and self-compassion. You can empower yourself to live one day at a time on this challenging journey in your own unique way, even though you might feel your life is out of control now and even though you may be experiencing uncertainty and fear. You can be your own healer and alchemist by transmuting your negative thoughts into neutral energy, and then creating imagery of light and hope. This is possible for you, even living with this chronic and serious disease.


  • Stay in the present. One foot in front of the other. Watch where your mind goes and bring it back to your breath. Feel the breeze on your face, the sun shining, watch the clouds in the sky and feel your feet firmly planted on the ground.
  • Continue to engage in the things you love and which bring you joy. Visualize that you can be well and live your life with balance and wellness one day at a time.
  • Imagine a sacred circle of women surrounding you, holding you in your darkest, most uncertain moments, and blanketing you with healing light, love, and amazing compassion to empower you to keep moving forward on your journey as a warrior and wise woman.

* * *

Nancy Adlman is available for consultation or work on writing projects.
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